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Sports Gear

We provide team uniforms and equipment in many sports for men, women, and youth. We bring over 20 years of expertise in equipping you and your team or entire league with uniforms and custom gear.


Valenti Sports brings the most advanced technologies from the best brand names in the sporting goods industry to your hometown. We have equipment designed and engineered to improve your game from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and many more.


Valenti Sports partners with the popular vendors to bring you equipment and accessories designed to increase your performance on the football field. We offer selections from Nike and Under Armour that will enhance your game.


We offer innovative styles of protection for a new generation of players in helmets and pads, chin straps, neck rolls, and forearm pads. For football enthusiasts of all ages, we also offer protective equipment in youth, intermediate and adult sizes. You will also find rubber balls for recreational use as well as top of the line leather balls for actual game participation.

Apparel and Accessories
An athlete is not prepared without under garments to manage the body and weather elements.  Valenti Sports offers compression apparel and moisture management apparel as well as cold and heat gear from Under Armed and Nike. Also available are receivers' gloves, mouth pieces, chin shields, practice jerseys, and gym bags.


Valenti Sports offers the world's leading brands of basketball equipment. We have products that cater to all skill levels from beginners to the extreme-hoops athlete.

Serious athlete or just a fashion customer? Valenti Sports offers shorts, tanks, and t-shirts from Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. Need uniforms? Our associates can help you find the perfect option for your team.


The world-wide passion for soccer is unmatched by any sport. This sport is gaining momentum in the USA and Valenti Sports supports this expansion by offering soccer balls, protective equipment, and apparel from the sporting goods industry's top soccer brands who continue to bring technological advances to the game of soccer.


You will find the latest soccer balls from size 3 to size 5. We offer a wide assortment of colors to fit any soccer enthusiast's tastes.